Privacy policy

Personal data

1. Seller processes personal data of customers exclusively in the range provided for by the provisions of law, including the Law of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (i.e. – Journal of Laws  02.101.926, as amended) or these terms of use.

2. Seller shall undertake the necessary technical and organizational means to protect the processed personal data.

3. Through order placement in accordance with §2 and 3, customer gives consent to process personal data given in order form so that seller can perform their duties resulting from the contract with customer, and also these terms of use (especially – for goods shipment and handle ongoing correspondence).

4. In case of and in line with the conditions specified in the Law on personal data protection, especially in art. 24 and art. 32-35, customer is entitled to access their data, correct it or delete it.

5. Customer might give consent to have their personal data processed by seller for marketing purposes, as well as consent to be sent trade information by seller via e-mail.  

6. In each case disclosure of personal data by customer is voluntary- subject to that fact that some data is essential for seller to execute the sale contract concluded through store.

7. Customer personal data might be disclosed to a third party if such right or duties result from the rule of law.


Technical requirements, prohibition of posting illegal content, complaints regarding store operation

1. Through store seller provides customers with the possibility of free use of the following e-services (within the meaning of the law of 18 July 2002 on providing e-services, Journal of Laws .2002.144.1204  as amended):
a) making store content available.
b) concluding sale contracts for good with seller through store in line with the conditions specified in these terms of use.

2. In order to use the above services customer shall have at their disposal: a device that might be connected to the Internet and has an operating system, Internet connection, as well as an e-mail account.  

3. The conditions of storing cookies by seller on customer’s devices, as well as seller’s access to those cookies are specified by Cookie Policy which is attached to these terms of use.

4. Customer shall not use this store to post content (e.g. comments) of illegal character– including content promoting violence or pornography or content infringing rights of a third party. Shall seller receive any official notification or reliable information regarding illegal character of stored content provided by customer, seller might prevent access to this content.  

5. Customer shall:
a) not make use of store in a way that interferes with its functioning, especially by use of specific software or devices.  
b) not take actions such as: circulating or posting spam in the Internet store,
c) use Internet store without causing inconvenience to other customers and seller,

6. In case of dissatisfaction with store operation, customer is entitled to submit a complaint via e-mail at: Customer shall be informed about the way of handling their complaint at the e-mail address it was sent from within 14 days from its receipt by seller.  


Changes to terms of use

  1. Seller is entitled to change the provisions of these terms of use.
  2. Lack of acceptance of the changes in the terms of use is equal to termination of the e-services contract, specified in §9 of these terms of use.
  3. Changes of the terms of use shall not infringe the rights accrued by customers; and they shall not impact the placed orders that shall be processed based on the existing terms of use. 


Final provisions

1. The governing law applicable for these terms of use, as well as for all contracts concluded under this law (especially for sale contracts for goods) is the law of the Republic of Poland.

2. In case of customers who are consumers whose permanent residence is European Union (except for Denmark) but outside of the Republic of Poland– section 1 is applied to the extent that it shall not exclude application of regulations applicable in the country of permanent residence of consumer, the ones that shall not be excluded on the grounds of the contract  (see Art. 6 of the Directive of the European Parliament and European Council of 17 June 2008 on the governing law applicable for contractual obligations [Rome I, Journal of Laws of .UE.L.2008.177.6]).

3. In the event a dispute arises based on these terms of use or contracts included in its execution shall be settled by Polish common court having jurisdiction in accordance with the applicable regulations.  


Cookie policy



1. This Policy specifies the rules for storing information by seller and their access to information stored on customer’s devices in the form of cookies.

2. All notions, defined in terms of use, keep their meaning also on the ground of this policy. Moreover, the following notions are given the following meaning:
a) Cookies - means IT data, especially small text files, saved and stored on devices that customer uses to connect with store internet site. 
b) Own Cookies - means cookies placed by seller, connected with providing e-services by seller through store.
c) External Cookies - means cookies placed by a third party, via internet store website. 
d) Policy – this cookie policy.
e) Device - means an electronic device through which customer gains access to store.



1. Seller with use of cookies stores information on customer’s device or gains access to information stored there -in line with the conditions specified in this policy.

2. Seller uses the following types of cookies:
a) session cookies: are stored on customer’s device and remain there until the browser session has ended. Stored information is then permanently deleted from device memory.
b) persistent cookies: are stored on customer’s device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending browser session or disconnecting device does not delete them from device.

3. Using cookies by seller does not cause configuration changes in customer’s device and software installed on device.



1. Seller makes use of own cookies in order to: 
- authenticate customer in the service and ensure user’s session in store, 
- execute processes necessary for full functionality of internet sites.

2. Seller uses external cookies in order to: 
- collect general and anonymous statistical data by analytical tools ,
- use interactive features to popularize store with the help of social networking.


1. Customer has the possibility to limit or disconnect access of cookies to their device in browser settings or through service configuration, especially in such a way that blocks automatic management cookies or be informed whenever cookies are placed on customer’s device. Detailed information regarding the possibility and methods of managing cookies is available in software settings (of Internet browser). 

2. Customer might delete cookies at any time.

3. Limiting use of cookies might impact some features available on store internet site.